Glossary Entries

Creating and editing glossary entries can be done in either of the following ways:

  1. From within the Section Editor, select the word(s) for which you want to create a glossary entry and click the "Edit glossary entry" icon icon from the toolbar.
  2. In the Resource Browser, select “Glossary entries” from the drop-down in the top-left New category and press the “Create” button or respectively the "Edit" icon icon from the actions menu of an existing glossary entry.

docendo treats glossary entries just like any other resource, i.e. you can search, find and re-use them in different learning courses.

Glossary entries will be displayed as a mouse-over tooltip an course content pages. Once at least one section of a course contains a glossary entry, the course export function will generate a glossary index page at the end of the course that will list all glossary entries in that course in alphabetical order.

Creating glossary entries from within the Section Editor

Buttons on Section Editor to access the Glossary Entry Editor

Screenshot: Buttons on Section Editor to access the Glossary Entry Editor

The Section Editor lets you create or link to glossary entries on-the-fly while writing text. The screenshot to the right shows the corresponding buttons in the toolbar:

  • "Edit glossary entry" icon creates a new glossary entry and links the selected text to it. The selected text will then be displayed in green color with the glossary entry icon next to it to represent that it is linked to a glossary entry. When you place the text cursor on that word later on, you can directly edit the glossary entry. Please note that the new glossary entry will be created as a regular resource that you will find in the Resource Browser.

Glossary Entry Editor from within the Section Editor

Screenshot: Glossary Entry Editor from within the Section Editor

  • "Search glossary entry" icon opens a search dialog to look for an existing glossary entry that the selected text should link to. Once you have found and linked a glossary entry, you can directly edit it with help of the "Edit glossary entry" icon button. The screenshot to the right shows the editor dialog that is displayed, when editing a glossary entry from within the Section Editor.

Creating glossary entries from the Resource Browser

Glossary Entry Editor

Screenshot: Glossary Entry Editor

Selecting Glossary entry from the drop-down in the Resource Browser and using the Create button, you can create and edit a new glossary entry, which can be linked from a section later on. The editor itself is very much like the one used when editing glossary entries from the Section Editor except for one additional feature:

The toolbar has an additional icon ("Add resource inline" icon) that lets you add media resources to the glossary entry description. The fact that this feature currently is missing on the editor in the Section Editor is due to technical reasons.

The screenshot to the left shows the editor and an open preview window.

Editing a glossary entry will update all usages of it, which potentially affects different learning courses from different authors. When you actually want to create a new version of the glossary entry, you can do so from the actions menu of the glossary entry in the Resource Browser. From there, you can also update the references to this glossary entry (see Version Control).

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