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 +====== Section Editor ======
 +<box 230px right round blue>{{.:screenshots:section_editor.png?200|Section Editor}}</box|Screenshot: Section Editor>
 +A section in docendo is a set of physical **pages** consisting of **blocks**. A page by definition is a unit that can be displayed as a whole by your browser (it corresponds to a HTML page) whereas blocks can best be compared to a paragraph - they are a combination of formatted text and media resources.
 +In most cases, a single page is sufficient for one section, but you may **add new pages** using the {{.:icons:page_add.gif|Add page}} icon in the toolbar. You can switch between the pages with the links "Page //1-n//" in the area labeled with "//Pages in this section://".
 +The Section Editor always displays all blocks of the currently selected page. New **blocks can be added** with the {{.:icons:add.gif|Add block}} icon. The sequence of blocks on a page can be modified by **moving up** a block ({{.:icons:up_white.gif|Move up block}}), **moving down** a block ({{.:icons:down_white.gif|Move down block}}) or **cutting** ({{.:icons:cut.gif|Cut block}}) and then **pasting** ({{.:icons:paste.gif|Paste block}}).
 +===== Adding resources to a block =====
 +Resources can be added to a block with the {{.:screenshots:button_add_resource.png?20|Add resource to block}} button, which gives you the option to:
 +  * **Search** for an existing resource and adding it
 +  * **Upload** a new resource and adding it
 +  * Create a **new table** and adding it afterwards
 +  * Create a **new formula** and adding it afterwards
 +All resources that have been assigned to a block are displayed by either a thumbnail version or their [[.:resource_type_icons|resource type icon]]. Next to that display, you can see the {{.:icons:popup.gif|Assign popup resource}} icon, which lets you define a **popup resource**. When previewing the section, you will see that the popup resource will be opened in a new window when clicking on the resource it has been assigned to, or on the {{.:icons:view.png}} icon.
 +Each resource can have a **subtitle** which you can edit with the {{.:icons:edit.png|Edit subtitle}} icon next to it.
 +If you have more than one resource assigned to a block, you can **modify the order** in which they get displayed using the {{.:icons:left_white.gif|Move left resource}} and {{.:icons:right_white.gif|Move right resource}} icons.
 +===== The block editor =====
 +docendo utilizes a rich-text editor component called [[http://tinymce.moxiecode.com|TinyMCE]] to let you format the text of a block. Most of the buttons in the block editor's toolbar are for creating **formatted text**, e.g. marking text as bold, italic, sub-script, super-script or creating ordered and unordered lists. Some other buttons have a specific function to docendo, which are:
 +  * {{.:icons:text_heading.png}}: Mark selected text as a **block heading**. All block headings will be listed on top of the page when previewing/exporting it and link to the corresponding block.
 +  * {{.:icons:popuplink.gif}}: Mark selected text as link to a **popup resource**. This resource will be openened in a new window when the link is clicked.
 +  * {{.:icons:inlineresource.gif}}: **Insert a resource** at the current text cursor position.
 +  * {{.:icons:glossary_edit.gif}}: Mark the selected text as a **glossary entry** and open the glossary entry editor to create/edit it. For further information, see the [[.:glossary_editor|documentation on glossary entries]].
 +  * {{.:icons:glossary_search.gif}}: Mark the selected text as a **glossary entry** and open a search dialog to look for an existing glossary entry to link. For further information, see the [[.:glossary_editor|documentation on glossary entries]].
 +  * {{.:icons:bibref.gif}}: Insert a **bibliographical reference** at the current text cursor position. See the [[.:bibliographical_reference_editor|documentation on bibliographical references]] for further information.
 +  * <box 230px right round blue>{{.:screenshots:special_characters.png?200}}</box|Screenshot: Special characters> {{.:icons:button_special_character.png}}: Add a **special character** at the current text cursor position. See the screenshot to the right for an illustration of possible special characters.
 +===== Toolbar =====
 +<box 312px left round blue|Section Editor: Toolbar>
 +|  {{.:icons:save.gif}}  | Save section |
 +|  {{.:icons:save_exit.gif}}  | Save section and exit section editor |
 +|  {{.:icons:dont_save_exit.gif}}  | Exit section editor without saving |
 +|  {{.:icons:preview_plus.gif}}  | Preview section |
 +|  {{.:icons:print.gif}}  | Print section |
 +|  {{.:icons:page_add.gif}}  | Add new page to section |
 +===== External links =====
 +  * [[http://tinymce.moxiecode.com|TinyMCE rich-text editor]]
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