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 +====== Table Editor ======
 +<box 308px left round blue>{{.:screenshots:table_editor_start.png}}</box|Screenshot: Creating a table>
 +In order to create a table, go to the [[.:browser|Resource Browser]], select **Table** from the drop-down in the top-left **New** category and press the **Create** button. On the next page (see screenshot to the left you can configure the initial layout of the new table. These settings can be changed later with help of the table control buttons in the toolbar of the Table Editor (add/remove row, add/remove column).
 +===== Table headers =====
 +<box 230px right round blue>{{.:screenshots:table_editor.png?200}}</box|Screenshot: Table Editor with opened preview window>
 +You can declare the first row and/or column as **table header cells**. This will affect the rendering of these cells - typically they will be rendered with a darker background color, depending on the [[.:layout_editor|layout settings]].
 +  * {{.:icons:headertemplate1.gif}}: Declare first row as header.
 +  * {{.:icons:headertemplate2.gif}}: Declare first row and first column as header.
 +  * {{.:icons:headertemplate3.gif}}: Declare first column as header.
 +  * {{.:icons:headertemplate4.gif}}: Don't use any headers.
 +===== Inserting media resource into cells =====
 +Using the {{.:icons:inlineresource.gif}} button from the toolbar, you can insert a media resource a the current text cursor position.
 +<note tip>When clicking at the dashed border drawn around the table, small rectangles will appear. These can be used to drag the outline of the border which will modify the **width** and **height** of the table.</note>
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