Version Control

You can create any number of versions of any resource in docendo. Versions are not created automatically (e.g. when saving a resource in its editor), but explicitly by using the create new version button from the actions menu (see screenshot below).

Screenshot: actions for version control

docendo considers versions as being linear (i.e. non-branching). That means, that the last created version is treated as most up-to-date and potentially should replace the use of previous versions of the resource. Thus only the most recent version of a resource is contained in the search index which implies that older versions will not be listed in search results, but only in the version history of that resource.

You can replace all uses of a resource (e.g. an image) in all resources on which you have write permission by creating a new version of it and using the Update resources that use older versions of this resource action from the actions menu.

Actions for version control

  • : Create new version. When creating a new version of a resource, you will first be prompted for a comment about the new version - you could e.g. state here what has changed or what was the reason to create a new version. Afterwards - depending on the type of the resource - you will be forwarded to the actual resource creation process. This may be the pages for uploading, creating an external resource or the corresponding editor. The metadata for the new version will be copied from its previous version, but may be changed later on in the metadata editor.
  • : Show version history. This lists all existing versions of that resource, including the comments that have been entered when they were created. With the icon you can view each version seperatly.
  • : Search for new versions of resources contained in this resource. This scans the selected resource for contained resources and checks, if there are newer versions of them. This of course only makes sense for resources that actually can contain other resources which is the case for courses, sections, tables, questions and glossary entries. If any newer version of a contained resource has been found, you will be presented a list from where you can preview each newer version and update it using the icon.
  • : Update resources that use older versions of this resource. This will search for all uses of the selected resource and check that only the newest version is being used. If any resource is found, that uses an older version, you will be presented a list from where you can view the referencing resource, view the newest avaiblabe version of the resource being scanned and update it using the icon.
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