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Screenshot: Layout Editor with opened color selector

As docendo strictly seperates content (i.e. your courses, sections, questions etc.) from its layout, you can independently define custom color schemes to use when exporting your content to HTML or SCORM. These color schemes can be defined on different levels:

  1. on the installation level. Your administrator defines the default color scheme for your docendo installation. This scheme will be used for all your content if you do not override it on one of the following levels.
  2. on user profile level. The link Edit layout settings in your user profile leads you to a list of available color schemes from which you can choose one as the default for all your content. From there, you can also create a new custom color scheme. If you set a color scheme in your user profile, it will override the default color scheme set on the installation level.
  3. on course level. Using the icon from the course editor's toolbar, you can choose a color scheme for this specific course. This color scheme will then override the scheme set on profile level and installation level.

Changing a color value

You can either directly enter the color hex triplet, prepended by a #-character or click on the colored box and use the color chooser tool to select a color.

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