Creating external resources

In docendo, external resources are not being physically stored in the repository of the docendo server. Instead, an external resource is a link (or more precisely a URL) to any resource on the web, e.g. a video on YouTube or a PDF file on a web server. However, the external resource is described by a fully editable metadata record like a normal (internal) resource so that it can be managed and used in the docendo editors.

docendo does not automatically or regularly check if external resources still exist so that the link you have given is still valid. So when creating external resources, please make sure that the resource being linked to does not move or gets deleted.

To create an external resource, select External resource in the drop-down of the top-left New category in the Resource Browser. Similar to uploading resources, the creation of an external resource is a multi-step procedure:

Step 1: Enter the URL to the external resource

In order to be valid, the URL to the external resource has to include the scheme or protocol part (e.g. "http://", "https://", "ftp://" or "rtmp://").

docendo automatically tries to find out, if the external resource can be displayed directly on a web page (e.g. like images or Flash files). Depending on the outcome, the steps that follow may differ.

Step 2 (optional): Choose how to display the linked resource on course pages

This step will only be offered in case the external resource is displayable by a browser. You can choose between embedding the resource in content pages or merely linking to it. Your decision here will influence the way docendo displays the resource when it is added to content pages. Embedding means that the resource will be displayed directly on the page (e.g. an image or video), whereas linking means that a link to the location of the external resource will be displayed on the page.

Following steps

The steps that follow are exactly the same as when uploading a resource, starting there from step 3. Please see the corresponding documentation page.

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